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Winter Solstice Tuesday 21st June 2022


I'm Lila and I attend the Home Schoolers paddling group. The last day of term 2 fell on the Winter Solstice and we had a special night time paddle to celebrate.

We arrived at sunset, around 5.30pm, our session started with putting on our life jackets and catching up with friends. I chose a double person canoe and went with my brother Kai.

As a group we took all the boats down to the water with our paddles. By this time it was completely dark. Thankfully we all had head torches on and we could see what was around us.

Our instructors, Jay, Marie & Blake, gave us a safety talk about nighttime paddling and a reminder of basic paddling skills. They also gave us some glow sticks to wear!

As we started to paddle upstream you could hear the water moving around the canoe and frogs croaking. When I looked up I could see a sky full of stars. As we continued to paddle along instead of seeing the nature along the river we got to listen to the sounds of the river. It felt really magical to be on the river at night with our headlamps sparkling on the water.

During the paddle we stopped, turned our headlamps off and looked at the stars and listened. We heard more frogs and learnt about the stars and their constellations. As it was a clear night the stars seemed to shine very brightly. This was my favourite part of the night. I felt very quiet and peaceful.

After packing the boats and paddles away we had a bbq and some very yummy hot chocolates. The hot chocolates really helped to warm us up as it was a very very cold night. More fun was had when the sparklers were lit.

I look forward to another night paddle soon...Lila.

by Lila Sappho

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