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Outside Adventures was founded in 2020 by Jay Martin, a passionate paddler and dedicated environmentalist. With a lifelong love for kayaking, Jay has been honing her skills since the age of 9 and has been working as an instructor since 2007. Armed with a First Class BSc Hons in environmental science and years of teaching canoeing and kayaking around the world, Jay's deep respect for nature served as the catalyst for starting Outside Adventures. Her vision was to create a space where individuals could not only experience the joy of being on the water but also foster a sense of community and environmental awareness.

Why Choose Outside Adventures?

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the joys and benefits of paddle sports. Our mission is to not only introduce people to the world of paddle sports but also provide them with a range of opportunities and experiences that go beyond just learning how to paddle.


At Outside Adventures, we understand the transformative power of water sports. Beyond the physical fitness aspect, canoeing and kayaking can improve water safety skills, boost confidence, inspire personal growth, and offer a myriad of health benefits.


Our team of skilled and qualified instructors is passionate about sharing their expertise and knowledge, ensuring that each individual has a safe and fulfilling experience on the water.


One of the things that sets Outside Adventures apart is our commitment to environmental education and awareness. We believe that fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for our natural surroundings is essential to preserving and protecting our waterways. Our instructors not only guide you through the fundamentals of paddle sports but also share insights into the ecosystems you'll encounter, encouraging sustainable practices and responsible paddling.


With multiple locations across Victoria, we offer a diverse range of environments for you to explore. Whether you prefer the thrill of moving water, the vastness of the ocean, or the tranquility of flat water, we have something for everyone. Our instructors will take you on unforgettable journeys, unlocking the potential of each unique location while ensuring your safety and enjoyment.


Outside Adventures is more than just a school – it is a community. We emphasize the value of social connection and the spirit of adventure, fostering a sense of mateship and looking out for one another on the water. Join us for lessons, social paddles, and exhilarating expeditions where you can meet like-minded individuals, make lasting friendships, and create memories that will last a lifetime.


Whether you are a beginner looking to dip your toes into the world of paddle sports or an experienced paddler seeking to enhance your skills, Outside Adventures offers customized pathways designed to cater to your goals. From introductory courses to instructor training programs, we provide a comprehensive learning journey that promotes growth and unlocks your paddling potential.

No matter your paddle pathway Outside Adventures prioritizes the safety and well-being of our participants. With an excellent safety record, we strictly adhere to the Australian Adventure Activity Standards and Good Practice Guidelines. Our commitment to safety goes beyond meeting minimum requirements. We continually update our practices, invest in top-quality safety equipment, and maintain rigorous training for our instructors. When you pick Outside Adventures, you can have confidence in our dedication to delivering a safe and enjoyable paddle sports experience.


Choose Outside Adventures for an unparalleled experience in paddle sports. Discover the joy of gliding on water, immerse yourself in nature, and embark on an adventure where learning, connection, and personal growth go hand in hand. With our skilled instructors, emphasis on environmental education, and a vibrant community of outdoor enthusiasts, Outside Adventures is your gateway to a world of paddle sports excellence.


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